My single transaction with Hannes Tulving Jr.

In November of 1998 I order 6 Angel coins from Mr. Tulving. His ad on the Internet claimed that the coins were in BU condition. What I recieved, did not meet those specifications by any means. Mr. Tulving sent me one damaged coin and five coins that graded XF. Upon calling Mr. Tulving about this problem, he said that he would replace the coins. I sent the coins via three day priority mail back. Mr Tulving sold all of his angel coins in stock including the ones that should have been for me. He sent me a check which I am waiting for at this time. When I asked him about my exchange, he was very arrogant with me. Treating me as if I were not human he said he sent a refund. I did not ask for a refund. A dealer is only as good as word. I think Mr. Tulving has come a long was from the work ethic of his Finno-Urgaic forefathers. His deals are good, but the grading and service are poor. Then again, it is not really a deal if the coins described are not delivered as promised.