Thank you for you order.

1.Please do not hit back on your broweser. It will process two checks with the same number. This result in a check charge to us. If you forgot the postage please do not process another check. We are charged heavily per transaction. Please send the postage to Mark Hutto 1257 Siskiyou Blvd 109 Ashland OR 97520 Then send us an e-mail after you have put it in the mail. 2.Please void the check number you just used to make this payment. Your bank will not honor the same check number twice. If you forgot to include any information on your check such as your user ID, auction house, or item # please send us an e-mail at It is also a good idea to send a confirmation e-mail for your order. Thanks again and come back often, I-check is really simple but we have these guidlines to assist you in lowering mistakes and lowering the cost to us for those mistakes. Regards, Mark and Andea Hutto

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