This is the location of Hercules at apx 6.05 Pm Tonight. It is located at the azimuth of 272 degrees at an altitude of 47 degrees.


Hercules was the son of Zeus. His conception is supposed to have taken three day. When he was a baby of 8 months Zeus's wife Hera sent two snakes to destroy him. This of course failed. One item he is famous for is delivering his country from a tribute of 100 oxen a year. He was driven mad by Hera and killed his own family in the frenzy. To expiate his crime, the famous 12 labors were imposed upon him by Eursytheus, King of Mycenae. Among the labors was the killing of the Nemean lion, which he did with his bare hands, subsequently wearing the skin of the animal as a cloak (see coin).His death was brought about unwittingly by his wife when she gave him a poisoned tunic to wear. Hercules is a famous icon of Power. Alexander III of Macedon used the portrait of Hercules (in his own likeness) on his silver Tetradrachms.