Directions for International customers

From Canada here are your options

1. A check from a bank that has a branch in the US 


2. An internatinal money order in US funds (not a  Canadian postal money order 
nor a local money order) 

3. Or you can send a check in Canadian funds equal to the amount if you converted it to 
US dollars + %10. Rate here as of 6.10.98 was .67 .Example, if your order totaled
10 US dollars with postage. That would be $14.92 Canadian + 10% = 16.41 Canadian for your total.

Postage: Add an extra $3 for postage so we can send your item registered.

European Union and Norway: 

1. send a check in US funds drawn on a bank that has a branch in 
the US.


2.send a check in your own currency from a local or US bank equal to 
the amount in US funds Plus %10. 

Postage: $6 for postage so I can send the items registered. 

Latin America: There is currenly no way to process orders from 
LA unless the check is from a US bank. Add an extra $6 for registered 

Australia, Japan and Asia: see European rules

Africa: Not available at this time